In our desire to have this store fit the needs of the community, we welcome your requests and special orders. We are wanting to grow and expand the organic food we carry & would love to be the store you come to for all your natural grocery needs. What would you like to see here? What would you come back for every week? Help us to build something amazing and vital here!


  • ​Gluten-Free Flours, Crackers, Cookies, Chips & Pastas
  • ​Coconut Oil
  • Superfoods 
  • Whole Grain Flours
  • Organic & Sustainable Loose Leaf Teas & Coffees
  • Grass-Fed Yogurts & Meats
  • ​Local Dairy & Local Free-Range Eggs
  • Goat cheeses
  • Non-Dairy Milks
  • Sprouted Grain Breads
  • ​Sprouting Seeds & Accessories


  • Nuts & Snack Mixes
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Spices
  • Baking Goods
  • Soups
  • Rice & Grains
  • Cereals
  • Condiments
  • Nut Butters & Jelly
  • ​Raw Honey
  • Kombucha, Juices, Teas, Protein Shakes & Natural Sodas
  • And much more!