9AM - 5:30PM M-F, 9AM - 4PM Sat   715-635-9791

Chair Massage 
15 Minutes: $15.00         30 Minutes: $30.00
This massage is done with a specialty designed chair that you sit in. No oils are used and there is no need to undress. receiving just 5-10 minutes of a chair massage have been found effective for relieving aches, pains, and stress.

Therapeutic Table Massage
1/2 Hour: $30.00    1 Hour: $60.00     1 1/2 Hour: $90.00
A session tailored to you to focus on relaxing tension in your muscles. It promotes blood flow, joint flexibility, and improved immunity. Jerry also offers Trigger Point Therapy as part of his practice.

Hot Stone Massage 
1 1/2 Hour: $90.00
This luxurious, deeply relaxing treatment incorporates heated Lake Superior stones with you rejuvenating massage. Warm stones are placed along muscles to improve circulation.​

1/2 Hour: $35.00            Add a 1/2 Hour Massage: $65.00
A session performed on the feet using applied pressure and movements which correspond

with certain parts of the body promoting overall wellness.

Hand & Foot Massage or Facial Massage
30 Minutes: $30.00
Relaxes & Rejuvenates hands & feet. Relieve tension and stress.


Gentle Yoga

with Nichole Wenner, RMT

Certified Yoga Instructor

Monday, Wednesday & Friday's     9:00 AM
$8  Walk-In
$35  5-Class Punch Card
$45  8-Class Punch Card

*Bring your own mat & water bottle

​Most poses are done with gentle fluid movements held for a few breaths. Hatha Yoga incorporates together physical poses, breathing and meditation to bring health

to the body and quiet or peacefulness to the mind.


Private Yoga Lessons

Get a personalized Yoga session to work with your specific injury or needs, advancement or specific postures or meditaiton,

or to help you prepare for a group class.  
**Private sessions can be here at the Vitamin Source with a cancellation